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When debts start to pile up and you consider bankruptcy, there are likely numerous questions that run through your mind. What is the bankruptcy process like? What debt does bankruptcy get rid of? Is there any debt that bankruptcy does not eliminate? What happens after a bankruptcy? At Speicher & Speicher, PA, we give our Cocoa, Florida, area clients answers to questions such as these every day. We understand that even thinking about bankruptcy can be an anxiety-filled time, so we work hard to make your experience with your attorney and the legal process as comfortable and stress free as possible. To see how we can help you understand the bankruptcy process and use our years of experience to your benefit, contact us at 321-637-9937 or online. 

Bankruptcy Discharge Debts

Of all the questions our clients have about bankruptcy, some of the most common ones revolve around how bankruptcy can discharge debt and which debts are



Debts that usually can be discharged in a bankruptcy include:


Credit card debt (accumulated more than 90 days before you file for bankruptcy)


Car loans

Mortgages (the foreclosure process may follow, but you will not be responsible for the mortgage debt)


Medical debt


Court judgments


Income taxes (under certain circumstances) 

 Debts that typically cannot be discharged in a bankruptcy include: Student loans Child support Alimony Credit card debt (accumulated less than 90 days before you file for bankruptcy) When debts are discharged, they become uncollectible. However, they will still appear on your credit report. It is important to talk to a lawyer to fully understand what steps you will need to take during and after a bankruptcy. 

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At Speicher & Speicher, PA, we use our more than 45 years of combined experience to the advantage of each of our clients. We pride ourselves on creating an environment where our clients feel comfortable while discussing their difficult legal issues. Our law firm has flexible hours, and we are available by appointment when necessary to meet our clients' scheduling needs. To schedule a free initial consultation with a Brevard County debt attorney, contact us at 321-637-9937 or online.We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.