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Central Florida Foreclosure Prevention Lawyers

With the economy in upheaval, increasing job losses and a housing market that has suffered significant blows; many people are finding themselves in difficult financial circumstances. If your mortgage payments and debt have become unmanageable, and you are facing the loss of your home, there is hope.At our law firm, Speicher & Speicher, PA in Cocoa Beach, we help individuals, couples and families work to save their homes through filing for consumer bankruptcy. To find out if filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy could save your home from foreclosure, contact our law office to schedule a free consultation. 

Options to Foreclosure

Often foreclosure comes as a result of financial troubles that include excessive credit card debt, unexpected medical bills or too much secured debt. When job

loss is factored into the equation, it becomes difficult if not impossible to manage a mounting pile of bills that includes a home mortgage. Many people try a debt consolidation program to make the payments manageable. Debt

consolidation programs may not adequately solve your issues and some are borderline scams, costing you additional money and still leaving you with all your debts. 


Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy substantially

reduces or eliminates much of your debt and allows you to regain your financial equilibrium at a lower cost. 


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 If you have been served notice of foreclosure, your window of opportunity to save your home is very limited. You must act quickly, as you may have 30 days or less to respond to the notice. To learn more about foreclosure prevention strategies or to discuss any legal matter, please contact Speicher & Speicher, PA at 321-637-9937 to schedule an initial consultation. With office located in Cocoa, Florida, we serve the legal needs of residents throughout Central Florida.