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/If you know that your marriage is ending, but you and your spouse are still able to work together, an uncontested divorce can save you time and money. In an uncontested divorce, the parties decide all of their divorce-related issues without going to court and fighting tooth and nail over every issue. This keeps costs lower and means that the divorce can be finalized much more quickly. At Speicher & Speicher, PA, we help our Cocoa, Florida, area clients with all of the details related to an uncontested divorce, so that the process is as stress free as possible and keeps moving in an efficient manner. To find out how we can help you with an uncontested divorce, contact us at 321-637-9937 or online.

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To have a true uncontested divorce, everything related to the dissolution of the marriage must be resolved when you file for divorce. This includes:

  • Property division (both real estate and personal property)
  • Allocation of debt (who will be responsible for which debts)
  • Division of pensions and retirement plans
  • Determination of alimony, if any
  • Determination of child support amount
  • Completion of a time sharing plan (for children)

The issues listed here are just representative — these and all other issues must be fully resolved in order to get the full benefits of an uncontested divorce.


Partial Uncontested Divorce

When you want an uncontested divorce, but are unable to agree with your spouse on just a few issues, a partial uncontested divorce may be possible. With this type of divorce, the parties finalize an agreement related to the areas that are not in contention, and then let the court resolve the few remaining issues. While this process does not save as much time or money as a true uncontested divorce, it is still a quicker, cheaper alternative to the traditional divorce process.

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